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ROI AnalystTM Enterprise Description

The ROI AnalystTM Enterprise platform provides the ultimate in power and flexibility in executing a consultative value sale. The Enterprise platform shall enable Technology Vendors and their Partners to engage with a framework that can not only wrap around their respective portfolio, but can incorporate analysis for other related solutions (of complementary technologies/services) into the same analysis. Although the tool has the option to limit its features for less savvy users, the ROI AnalystTM Enterprise tool is intended for sales consultants who have a firm understanding of the value sales process.

Features and Benefits of the ExpertROITM Analyst Enterprise ROI - TCO Platform  

High Level ROI - TCO Assessment - Information is easily collected from the prospect's team. From this information and using research defaults from Alinean, a detailed ROI or TCO analysis can be developed in 45 minutes or less based on industry analysis defaults. From this initial assessment, the team can then commit to dedicate more time to assess the solutions and project. 

Detailed CFO Ready ROI - TCO - Providing detailed information about the current AS IS business, costs and opportunities, a CFO-ready TCO or ROI can be customized in two to four hours. Financial calculations include IT and business unit costs, IT cost reductions, business operating efficiency and strategic advantage improvements, direct and indirect benefits, risk, intangible (strategic) benefits, NPV, IRR, Payback Period and TCO.

Instant ROI Reports and Presentations - By providing answers to simple questions about the current AS IS environment, business and opportunities, and by selecting the recommended solution, a 60+ page ROI - TCO analysis report is automatically generated. Reporting supports PDF and Microsoft Word export, all analysis are resident on the centralized SQL database.

Customized for Competitive Advantage - Completely customized to communicate specific unique benefits and value - not a generic business case. Business case templates developed in conjunction with Alinean and/or IDC and delivered to the field within 30 days of project kick-off.

Point Solution and Portfolio Selling Support - Support for selling a single solution, or a portfolio of products, with the ability to convey the unique value of each solution. Easy to maintain Impact Matrix correlating benefits with value - and completely customized to represent the unique features and benefits of your solution.

"What-if" Analysis - tools to simulate project timing, delays, risk impacts, direct vs. indirect realized benefit differences and user adoption. Quarterly analysis for visibility into project timing and delays * Collaborative Team Selling - On any account, sales professionals, product managers, consultants, partners and customers can be invited to collaborate on the business case. Features and security are enabled based on user profiles and administration.

Personalization and Auditing - Every metric, assumption and calculation can be customized to reflect the prospects unique business case. Each entry is audited allowing the team to track who provided key information and defend results.

Benefits Documentation - For customized business cases, every benefit assumption is documented to credibly support the benefit defaults and assumptions, and highlight the features and benefits of the proposed solution(s) in delivering tangible value.

Standardized Enterprise Wide - Delivers a complete enterprise-wide standard for assuring credible ROI and TCO business cases worldwide

Connected and Disconnected Operation - Internet or desktop applications (pack and go for Enterprise Version)

Customizable Authoring System - ROI - TCO certified specialists can author their own business cases, and easily publish the content to the entire team. This provides a method to maintain customized models and capture unique ROI - TCO knowledge for enterprise institutionalization

Vertical and Regional Selling - The metrics are automatically tuned for various verticals and regions. Labels and cost / benefit elements can be customized to deliver personalized cost / benefit analysis.

Usage and Data Reports - With a centralized database, usage reports can be generated to track usage and promote adoption. Data reports on proposed costs, benefits, and KPI's can be run to validate benefit assumptions and performance vs. goals.

Each unique model is defined as a Template. An Enterprise Template is associated with a unique product, solution, service or business process improvement. Unlike the Calculators and Desktop tools, the Enterprise framework allows rapid development of very complex (as well as simple) value models. There is no software development associated with individual Enterprise tool development efforts. Each Template requires model development, population of the supporting research, data, notes, and testing.

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