The inConcert family includes products for call centers, multimedia contact centers, systems for interactive voice response, call recording and predictive dialing, which allow us to offer solutions for customer service, collections, telemarketing, personalized banking and cellular telephony, among others.

The combination of efficient development methodology, the use of open architecture based on industry standards, and VoIP convergence technology allows us to guarantee excellent technical levels and offer our clients prices that are competitive and attractive. As leader of the call center market in Latin America, inConcert's development base is in Montevideo, Uruguay - the biggest software exporting country in the region- with subsidiaries in Miami and Mexico City.  inConcert also has a broad network of commercial and technical partners in every country in which it operates.

It has been especially designed for both, organizations managing their own Contact Center, and Call Center suppliers (outsourcing), inConcert Contact Center is a powerful and robust solution developed to handle high-volume call traffic and operate 24x7.

Structured in a modular architecture based on industry standards, it allows the scalable addition of functionalities, satisfying all the needs of a dynamic, challenging contact center with high demand and diverse requirements.

From Interactive Voice Response and CTI integration, to call recording, predictive dialing, and automatic speech recognition, inConcert Contact Center is an all-in-one solution of simple and intuitive use.

inConcert Contact Center raises the traditional concept of a Call Center, to a innovative paradigm of state-of-the-art Contact Centers, with sophisticated multimedia capabilities, user customizable that integrates business data to the contact center.






 Here you can find a list of some of the companies that have trusted inConcert solutions.

- ABN Amro Bank
- Apex América
- BSP Technology
- Directa Group
- Gobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
- NewCall
- Megadirect
- Multivoice
- Sky on Line
- Tierra Media 

- CrediAL



- Crédit Uruguay Banco
- Emprendimientos Valor
- High Contact Center
- MetroCall
- Ministerio del Trabajo y Seguridad Social
- Montevideo Comm
- Montevideo Gas
- MO&PC Collections
- Multivoice
- Nuevo Banco Comercial
- Pronto
- Teleshopping
- Urufor
- Vitadream

- Directa Group
- Focus
- Club de Amantes del Vino
- Copesa
- Dirección Nacional de Aduanas
- GuardService
- Prego

- Andicall
- Callzilla
- Accor
- Atencion Telefonica
- Axtel
- Banco del Bajio
- Banco Bansi
- Caja Libertad
- Central IP
- Codice Mensajería
- Concentra
- Contact System
- Cuprum
- DeAcero
- Efectivo CV
- El Informador
- Enertec
- Entretenedor
- Excelsior
- Grupo CSI
- Grupo Coppel
- Grupo Peñoles
- Grupo Transpaís
- Hipotecaria Crédito y Casa
- Hotel Grand Velas  
- Ilce
- Intercam
- I+ D México
- Mainbit
- MarketMix
- Medphone
- MediAccess
- Metrofinanciera
- National Unity
- Next Contact
- Office Max
- Oriflame
- Pentafon
- Sistemas de Administración de Crédito
- Sodexho Pass
- Sogesi 
- Su Casita Hipotecaria
- Susoc Guadalajara
- Technomic International
- Tranpais Transportes
- Universidad Contemporaneo

- Pentafon Nicaragua
- Telefunken

  Costa Rica
- AICobros
- Banco de Costa Rica
- Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería.
- Grupo Improsa

- Banco Leon
- Sistema Dominicano de Salud
- Cámara de Comercio de Quito

- Iris4
- Headland
- Teruel Digital
- Unicasa

- G&T Continental
- Latinode
- Puma Energy

- Discado SA 
- FORTEL-Serproin
- Mibanco
- TechData
- Tellus
- Xcob







How can inConcert help me?

Increase income
You have probably wondered how to turn your contact center into a profit center.  With inConcert it is possible.

More contacts, more opportunities
In order to increase sales, your clients must be able to easily reach your service center.  inConcert technology gives you information on numbers of dropped calls and lets you take corrective measures to reduce them.  More completed calls translate into more contacts and sales opportunities.

More and better sales
The best way to sell is to know your client.  By integrating your service center to your corporate information system and management applications, telephone agents will have access to information about the business and client, which is useful for cross-selling and additional sales.

Increase on-line sales
By enabling purchases you ensure sales.
Give your clients the option of using advanced web communication tools to reach your contact center and confirm sales on-line.

Give your clients a better experience when they contact your company
The better the experience your clients have when using your contact center, the more inclined they will be to buy your products or services.  With inConcert® you can:

  • Reduce call waiting times, relay relevant messages during waits and provide exit and self-service options
  • Allow clients to leave messages so that they can be contacted by agents later
  • Expand communications options to numerous access channels
  • Avoid having your clients repeat information to agents that they have already supplied the IVR or which is available in your business's information systems
  • Distribute calls to the agent best suited to handle them

If clients won't visit your company, make your company visit clients
Taking the initiative generates sales.
inConcert® allows you to extend your company's circle of influence beyond physical limits.  With powerful automatic and predictive dialing systems, your agents can proactively promote and sell your products and services via telemarketing and telesales campaigns.

Reduce Costs
Increasing sales is not enough to guarantee a rapid return on your investment; costs must also be cut.  With this in mind, inConcert® is a solution conceived to increase the productivity of your service center's resources and reduce the total costs of ownership.

Free-up costly human resources and let your clients receive information and conduct transactions on their own.  inConcert® offers an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for agile and independent communication which will ensure each contact's success.  Your service center can also take advantage of the most advanced technology in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), speech verification and text-to-speech.  This tool will allow you to give your clients a new experience by not having to press keys to respond to the system.  With this, on top of satisfying your clients, you will cut costs further by reducing agent call times.  Remember that saving time generates greater profits.

Maximize agent productivity
inConcert's unified and flexible design allows agents to process all types of in-coming and out-going interactions. This minimizes agent idle-times and maximizes your service center's productivity.  Furthermore, inConcert® provides a complete set of functionalities aimed at optimizing your service center's performance:

  • Real-time supervision and re-allocation of resources
  • Standardized e-mail response formats
  • Automatic and predictive dialing
  • CTI and Screen Pop integration
  • Availability of data relevant to each call
  • Dynamic dialogue scripts which reduce training times
  • Remote working is made possible
  • Low implementation and maintenance costs

Once an inConcert solution has been installed and in order to ensure that it works as expected by your organization and within the established business objectives, inConcert Customer Support Center has available a team of highly trained engineers whose mission is to provide technical support, troubleshooting and consulting, within the pre-established response times.
inConcert's Technical Support and Maintenance covers a complete range of services and products oriented at troubleshooting of technical incidents that might happen in your installation and at the same time, keep your technological investment up to date with the latest improvements, revisions and updates of inConcert software.

To contact inConcert Customer Support Center please send an e-mail to

Scope of services

The Technical Support and Maintenance contract includes:

  • Access to inConcert Customer Support Center to get technical advice about installed systems
  • Attention, diagnosis and resolution of technical support incidents
  • Re-installation support in the face of infrastructure modifications (changes in servers, equipment relocation, etc.) 
  • Updates, improvements and new versions of inConcert software

Formats and coverage

inConcert offers various Technical Support formats so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.  These include remote support plans, on-site engineering, coverage during work-days and times, 24/7 technical support or other formats designed according to your needs.

Once an inConcert solution has been installed, three training sessions are provided to teach users the correct operation of the system. Each session is related to the user interface that corresponds with the functions carried out in a contact center.

inConcert's objective is to guarantee your satisfaction as our client. This is achieved not only with a world class technological solution that is seamlessly integrated and has sophisticated functionalities. Although, undoubtedly, this would be a good start. At inConcert we also provide a broad range of professional services that complement our products and guarantee the complete satisfaction of every client.

inConcert's Professional Services Unit has a team of highly qualified professionals who have the know-how and experience needed to help you navigate through all the stages of your project's life cycle: from pre-sale advice through to implementation, technical support and training of your personnel.

Pre-sales engineering
It all starts with an evaluation and understanding of the business objectives and operative and functional needs of your contact center. In this stage inConcert Business Consulting carries out a study of your expectations, budget and the impact of technology on your organization, and recommends a specific solution to satisfy them.

Project Planning
Once the objectives, and thereby a solution to be installed, have been defined a thorough analysis of the project and its planning is carried out. In this stage the analysis reaches greater detail and a specific work-plan is developed to ensure reaching the established objectives within the set timeframe. The result is a Work Plan that defines in detail the scope of the project, tasks and timeframes.

Architecture, design and implementation of the solution
inConcert Professional Services customizes the solution to ensure that it satisfies technical and functional requirements that are specific to your business, based on the information obtained in the prior analysis. These Professional Services are unique and specific to each particular project; they are the "flexible" part of the system that allows it to be customized to the unique needs of each installation.

Once the solution has been customized to satisfy your requirements, we are ready to install it and put it to work.  This will require the following steps:

  • Hardware infrastructure verification
  • Installation and configuration of inConcert software on the corresponding hardware (servers and PCs) 
  • Test run of the installed solution given the components, developments and integration carried out 
  • Operations start-up, follow-up and control

Operational Training
inConcert engineers conduct operational training sessions so that the agents, supervisors and managers of your contact center can interact with the system in an agile and efficient way. 

In addition to the user manuals for agents, supervisors and administrators, we develop and deliver documents personalized for each client's specific solution.

Technical support and maintenance
In line with our objective to ensure your satisfaction as our client, inConcert offers a convenient Maintenance Program oriented to protect and keep up-to-date the value of your investment in technology.

The Technical Support and License Updating Contract makes available highly trained technicians to attend to and resolve incidents that may occur during the installation.  It also ensures that your inConcert platform is always up-to-date with updates and improvements that are made periodically to the software.  [+] Further info

inConcert University
inConcert University offers specialized courses in the use of inConcert development tools that train your own staff to alter the solution's configuration, adapting it quickly to the constant changes that your  business experiences.  It also offers advanced courses in the transfer of technical know-how so that your company gains a high level of autonomy and self-reliance.  [+] Further info





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Now Become an inConcert Partner

inConcert's entrepreneurial philosophy is consistent with the "Win-Win Strategic Alliance" paradigm.  Following this model, our efforts are aimed at establishing solid mutually-beneficial commercial relationships with Business Partners to promote, sell, install, implement and support inConcert solutions.
At inConcert we also understand and respect the objectives, priorities and needs of our Partners.  This is why we have designed a Business Partners Program called inConcert Alliance Partner Program (iCAPP) which, like our solutions, is simple, flexible and scalable.

This program allows each Partner to obtain attractive benefits and choose the level of effort, dedication and commitment that they are able and willing to invest in inConcert solutions.

From client referral to installing software and implementing solutions, each partner can choose the degree of dedication and associated benefits that are in line with their business objectives.