Fanvil Technology Co.

Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2002 by a couple of young engineers with a vision that IP communication will one day be a technological necessity in the workplace.

True to its vision, Fanvil Technology is recognized as a top IP communication expert in China today and has sold its OEM/ODM services to over 50 countries worldwide.

Over the 11 years since its establishment, Fanvil Technology has built a strong engineering team and solid partnerships with IP communication chipset providers, such as Freescale, DSPG. Fanvil Technology is also an exclusive partner of roadcom. In 2010, Fanvil Technology was recognized for its excellence and received the "Product of the Year Award" from Internet Telephony and the "Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award" By TMC in 2010.

Fanvil Technology once again proved its innovation in IP communications by launching its first Android desktop IP phone in 2011 and during that year, sold about 150,000 VoIP phones and gateways. Sales has doubled in 2012 and the growth in sales is expected to continue in 2013 as Fanvil Technology unveils the new generation Android 4.0 Multimedia Phone.
Fanvil Technology's expertise includes software development in device driver, DSP, voice engine framework, operating system, protocol implementation, MMI, GUI, etc. We also pride ourselves in our strong hardware, mechanical design and implementation capability.

Located in Shenzhen, Fanvil Technology has built a conducive work environment for its best and brightest. It currently has around 80 employees, 50% of which are professional VoIP researchers and engineers. Its facilities include a 10,000+ square meters factory with advanced production lines.

Fanvil Product Overview

a. Fanvil C Series

The Fanvil C Series IP Phones are a Business Grade IP handset with a huge range of features and flexibility. The C Series was designed and built for Enterprise Businesses with its modern design and ergonomic feel.

b. Fanvil D Series

The Fanvil D Series IP Phones are a flexible Business Grade range of Multimedia phones with a huge range of features. Equipped with the Android OS, the D Series was designed to offer customizable functionality with HD voice and is built for
Enterprise Businesses.

c. Fanvil Office

Suzhou City, P.R China

R&D Center
Beijing, P.R China

Marketing&Sales Center
Shenzhen City, P.R China

Southeast Asian Office
Selangor, Malaysia

Fanvil IP products are using world-leading class chipset solutions.

Fanvil has a strong engineering team and solid partnerships with IP communication chipset providers, such as Freescale, DSPG.

Fanvil Technology is strategic partner of Broadcom.

IP Phones

Media Gateways

Fanvil VoIP products are compatible with the leading IP-PBXs, and make your communication easier and faster.

Here is the best place to get general idea about Fanvil products, and will offer you professional assistance to solve technical problems with your Fanvil devices. 

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing FANVIL products. We hope you will enjoy using them. If you had any technical and compatibility problems, you can go to the product FAQ or send mail to for further inquiry.

If you need return the products for maintenance or replacement, pls fill in the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Application Form with detail info. And pls check the detail terms of warranty at first before you require RMA.


With the following warranty, FANVIL guarantees that all products, exclusive of consumable and expendable materials, are free from any defects, due to inferior materials or workmanship, for a period of up to one (1) year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, should the product prove defective in workmanship and/or materials, FANVIL’s RMA center will repair the product and/or replace the defective components or the defective product without charge.


1. Warranty period takes effect on the date of shipment of the FANVIL products.

2. This warranty does not award any right to compensation or cover of losses inflicted due to any alteration of the product for the purpose of matching it with national or local standards and safety regulations enforced in any country other than the country where the product was first purchased, without FANVIL’s prior written permission.

3. This warranty will not apply if the warranty void label has been defaced, modified, removed or broken.

4. This warranty does not cover: damages not resulting from quality of product itself, but following other reasons.

Damages due to:

1. Misuse, including but not limited to: (a) use of the product for the purpose other than that it is designed for, or failure to follow FANVIL user guide, and (b) product installation or operation in conditions other than specified by the standards and safety regulations enforced in the country of operation;

2. Repair by anyone except for FANVIL RMA center or dealers;

3. Accident, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation and other causes that does not come under FANVIL control;

4. Shipment except for the cases when it is carried out by the RMA;

5. Defects of the system in which the product was operated.

This warranty does not infringe upon customer’s legal rights given to him by the laws currently enforced in his country as well as consumer’s rights toward the dealer arising from the sale contract.

RMA(Return Material Anthorization)Procedure Instruction

All products returned to FANVIL, for any reason, must follow the RMA procedure.

1. Before starting on the process of returning your product, please send an email stating specific fault phenomenon to our FAE ----

2. FAE will analyze and confirm if it is software or hardware problem, if it is software problem, FAE will try to solve the problem by remote .When a hardware failure is found to be the cause of the problem, or when FAE decides a hardware repair/replacement is needed to rule out the possibility of hardware defects, FAE will transfer the email to OP(sales operation dept) for RMA procedure.

3. Once the RMA process is initiated, FAE will send customer an RMA application form. The form contains detailed instructions and policies to ensure quick delivery. Customer must outline the details of defect or improper operation. A description of any tests performed, and the associated results, will help to identify the root cause. This approach ensures that the problem could not be addressed remotely thereby requiring the product to be returned for repair. After the RMA application is completed and submitted, customer need send the RMA form to OP( ,and OP  will provide the customer an RMA number.

4. You must send the completed RMA application form along with the returned products. Returns without RMA application form or without an RMA number are refused, causing a delay in the process, Or the product(s) will be returned at customer's expense.

5. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to FANVIL for repair. This includes the cost of incoming freight charges as well as any applicable customs fees, duty, taxes, brokerage fees and document preparation fees. 

6. For in-warranty product, freight charges for return shipment to the customer will be paid by FANVIL. For out-of-warranty product, freight charges for return shipment will be charged to the customer.

7. FANVIL's RMA Department will carefully test and evaluate all returned products, and will repair or replace components/products that are under warranty at no charge. (Any acts of nature or conditions of misuse are not covered under warranty.) When FANVIL cannot duplicate the problem or condition causing the return, the unit will be returned to the customer as-is.

8. FANVIL will endeavor to return a product sent for repair to the customer within fifteen(10) working days of receipt of the repaired product.

9. The replacement product will be carefully selected to match the condition of original product. In the event that the product has been terminated or there is a lack of replacement parts, FANVIL reserves the right to replace the malfunction product with an equivalent product. Replacement products may be new or reconditioned.

Channel Partner

1. Channel Partner Overview

Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd is selectively expanding our distribution partner network, and we appreciate your interest in exploring a possible partnership with us. The Fanvil Channel Partner Program offers a great business opportunity, with proven solutions, that will enable your company to add incredible value to your services, customers and partners, as well as gain access to new business opporunities. Our joint objective will be to take your business to the next level.

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Thank you!

2. Channel Partner Programme

The Benefits

We've identified the following key support which Fanvil will be dedicated to provide and support our partners to achieve business development goals. Eligible partners will have access to the following, depending on their partnership level which will be decided after reviews and negotiation:

- Enjoy Tiered Distrbution Pricing for partners.
- Provision of spare units upon fulfilment of MOQ. (subject to T&C)
- Technical Support - Second level and Escalation.
- 18 months manufacturer's warranty on Fanvil products.
- RMA for faulty units.
- The opportunity to collaborate and publish related success stories, case studies, and press releases in the Fanvil newsletter and on the company website
- Channel Marketing Support for eligible partners.
- Opportunity to participate in Fanvil collaborative project.

Standard Technical Support Guidelines

The role of Fanvil’s standard manufacturing warranty is to remedy manufacturing defects, not issues relating to the proper operation of devices or systems.

a. Duration of Warranty

The standard 1 year warranty is typically a sufficient amount of time to uncover manufacturing defects not found during the robust quality assurance processes. Partners will enjoy an additional 6 months warranty upon delivery of the goods from our warehouse. Subject to the conditions of Fanvil's manufacturer's warranty guideline.

b. Warranty Coverage


This guarantees that the hardware will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use, or it will be replaced by Fanvil or Fanvil’s representative.


This guarantees that the physical media are free from defects, or they will be replaced by Fanvil. Also, the warranty guarantees that the software generally conforms to the published specifications for the product. Software is provided "as is," and does not warrant that the software is error free or that customer will be able to operate the software without problems or

3. Channel Marketing Support

Fanvil Technology is dedicated to make it easier for our partners to market and sell Fanvil products. The following are the types of support provided to our partners.

Joint Efforts

Partners can request to conduct joint efforts that will mutually enhance the brand reputation of Fanvil Technology and the market visibility in the local market. reputation/visibility in the localized market. All activities must be approved by your designated Fanvil marketing contact before it is allowed to proceed.

Below are the types of activities supported by the Channel

Marketing Support:

- Advertising
- Direct Marketing
- Joint Marketing Events - Tradeshows
- Sales Collateral
- Web Marketing
- Public Relations
- Reseller Partner Programs

Request Timeline

Request for activities must be made ahead of proposed events:

- Ad hoc requests: At least 14 days in advance
- Tradeshows: At least 90 days in advance
- Advertising/Promotion