2N Telecommunications

The 2N brand appeared in the world of telecommunications in 1991 for the first time. The first product developed and introduced under this brand name was the 2N PBX. As early as 1992, many Czech clients were aware of this new product, which became fully comparable with other PBX systems from international suppliers. 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. kept growing and expanding successfully and employed more than 100 people in 1995.

Following up-to-date technologies, trends in telecommunications and client's demands, 2N introduced its GSM Gateway in 1998. This introduction influenced international exports in a positive way. Since 1998, 2N has participated in the international trade fair CeBIT Hannover in Germany every year, which means a significant step towards a considerable export expansion. Since that year, 2N has displayed its products at famous international exhibitions all over the world (Africa, Asia, South America, USA, Australia) and a strong distribution chains have been created worldwide.

Today, the 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. joint-stock company is a well-known European producer and supplier of telecommunication technologies. Well equipped with experience, high-skilled staff and know-how, 2N has always been able to keep up with the latest and up-to-date technologies and innovations in the world of telecommunications.  

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2N Telecommunications

2N is the right choice:

  • 2N is a European company manufacturing technically advanced telecommunication products.

  • 2N development and production is fast, flexible and world-class.

  • 2N command international experience, having successfully established ourselves in demanding global markets.

  • 2N provide top quality service and technical support to our customers and partners.
  • 2N is a holder of a series of certificates and as testimony to our high standard of professionalism we have won several prestigious awards

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2N Telecommunications

As 2N Telecommunication a.s. is a customer solution oriented company, we are providing our partners and customers not only products, but we are working closely with them to build a complete solution based on 2N technologies. We are devoted to helping our partners' technical staff to successfully setup and configure these solutions according to the customers' needs. An inherent part of this process is of course Technical Support.

2N Technical Support may be contacted over email at support@2n.cz or by filling the form below. Our customer oriented email system ensures that all emails are stored in the system, assigned to the best representative for this issue and processed within the given time.

Before contacting 2N Technical Support, be sure that you have searched manuals of the given product and read all related articles in FAQ section to find the answers to your questions.

Technical Trainings

2N Technical Support offers technical trainings to it's partners and distributors both on 2N premises and customer premises.

* Technical trainings on 2N premises at given terms
* Technical trainings at partners or customer premises (conditions apply)
* Remote Training Sessions- on-line interactive training from Prague to anywhere in the world

We currently support our customers in:

* English
* Spanish
* Serbian

Upcoming Technical Trainings

2N would like to kindly invete you to any of the below stated upcoming technical trainings. Please visit the technical training section to register for a training of your choice.

2N Telecommunications

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Once you register at XmarteK online as well as submit a successful reseller application, you will have access to secure resources only available to 2N registered users. You will not only be able to enjoy our benefits, but will also have access to marketing tools, training information, downloads, as well as our price list!

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Once you successfully become part of our program, your company will benefit from:

1.     Access to the products we represent along with discounted prices

2.     Catalogs, Manuals, and Promotions

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4.     Logistical support in facilitating and integrating relationships with Latin America

5.     Distribution of leads that we receive from our vendors, website and marketing activity

6.     Direct technical support and commercial support from our vendors

7.     Membership to the XmarteK Network of System Integrators and Resellers where you can extend your presence through other members in more than 50 countries

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2N offers:

* The quickest route to world-class products
* Business and technical training courses
* Trial packages
* Customized R&D
* Direct access to the partners' section of the 2N website
* Marketing materials and individual support
* Regional exclusivity

Cooperation is designed for partners who are able and willing to provide maximum support to customers and so help us develop goodwill to the 2N brand. In return, you obtain a wealth of background information and unique know-how for the future growth of your company.

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2N® NetSpeaker Server SW
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2N NetSpeaker Power Supply

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PoE injector - with US cable

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2N Helios 3 x double button + keypad

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