Why XmarteK?


Global IP Solutions
Enable our customers to deliver proven IP-based voice and video solutions reducing research and development time and operating expenses.
State of the Art Solutions:
IP PBX solutions, Gateways, Soft Switch, SIP Phones, Peer to Peer telephony, wireless solutions, networking and smart infrastructure are part of our solutions portfolio.
Highest quality of service:
We have a strong network of affiliate companies and business partners that guarantee our service promise.
Multilingual Technical Support:
Our team brings a vast experience working with technology leaders in different countries. We can provide you with service and support in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.
Partnership with the market leaders to provide effective solutions and technical support to Service Providers, Developers, OEMs, Network Equipment Providers, System Integrators, Value Added Resellers, Consultants and Power users of IP Communications.
Efficiency and Low Costs with integrated solutions, empowering your organization to work in a new distributed way closer to its customers without the burden and the hassles of working with bureaucracy organizations. We have the right size to be flexible, responsive and be able to support our customers and partners.
Outsourcing: Financing and enabling your business. Proven methodologies and tools that help assure reliability and excellent service.