RuggedSmart M2M

The trend in industrial automation is the Machine to Machine (M2M) interconnection or Internet of Things (IoT), the RuggedSmart RS-M2M communication layer is the voice over IP (V0IP) infrastructure of any organization, being in the cloud or not. The integration between the industrial and the IP environment is performed by the Industrial Module (IM), a piece of software part of the IUC (Industrial Unified Communications). With the unified messaging system in place the system is able to provide text messaging (SMS), email and voice calls when any event occurs, improving the efficiency of industrial and data process thru better and simpler communication means.

Powered By: HiperPBX


Let's say an alarm occurs because a motor has stopped... the RS-M2M collects the alarm and converts it to a phone call, email and/or SMS - it'll even call you direct on your cell phone.

Many different types of commercial and industrial operations from Oil, Gas and Electrical Utilities to Hospitals and Data Centers will immediately benefit from the versitility of RuggedSmart.

There is no need to make any changes to your current systems in place, RuggedSmart integrates easily with your existing infrastructure. It's very simple to install, configure and operate.


System Benefits:


  • Receive Direct, Immediate Info on Any Event Happening in Your Industrial Operation
  • RS-M2M keeps a Log Registering Every Event with a Date, Time and Description
  • Delivers Current Status of Your Facility with a Phone Call
  • Installed and Configured such that No Cyber Intrusions Can Occur
  • RuggedSmart Integrates Easily with Your Existing System
  • RS-M2M is Configured using a Simple Web Interface
  • Fully Compatible with Industrial and IP Protocols